TitleAuthor GenreYearTag
SPAZIO Radio Papesse Spoken Word 2020 home, space, Kwiekulik, covid-19
NATURA Radio Papesse Spoken Word 2020 nature, listening, Manifattura Tabacchi, covid-19
TEMPO - LIEVITI episode 3 Radio Papesse Spoken Word 2020 Danilo Correale, work, time, Davide Calonico
LIEVITI - Episode 4 - BODY Radio Papesse Spoken Word 2020 Allan Kaprow, Body, happening, Manifattura Tabacchi
LIEVITI - Episode 5 - IDENTITY Radio Papesse Spoken Word 2020 Alessandra Tempesti, voice, feminism, Cindy Sherman
LIEVITI - Episodio 6 - COMUNITÀ Radio Papesse Spoken Word 2020 community, Manifattura Tabacchi, Lieviti
Bar Bar - Inner Soundscape Alessandra Eramo Sound Art 2020 Alessandra Eramo, Body, voice, stutter
aspect:ratio 02 (5m)  Lydia Ourahmane Experimental 2020 surveillance, laser microphone, Lydia Ourahmane
Innocent Amelia Umuhire Documentary 2020 Belgium, portrait, genocide, Rwanda
Les traqueurs de bruits Abdellah M. Hassak Radio art 2020 urban space, city, memory, field recording
Sonic letter to Halim El-Dabh Kamila Metwaly Spoken Word 2020 electronic music, musique concrete, Avant-garde, Savvy Contemporary
Watery Thoughts Josèfa Ntjam Spoken Word 2020 poetry, science fiction, technology, identity
Journal de Bord Alessandro Bosetti Experimental 2020 Alessandro Bosetti, voice, boat, autobiography
Karst Grotto Nikos Stavropoulos Acousmatic 2019 topography, geology, porosity, Süden Radio 3
Hydronym I Melanie Garland, Camilo Correa Sound Poetry 2019 archive, education, voice, Chile
Moving fragments of Saint Bruno Luciana Santos Roça Field recording 2019 market, field recording, hospitality, Grenoble
Crieurs de rue Noha Gamal Said Field recording 2019 urban space, Egypt, field recording, porosity
How South becomes North Toni Dimitrov Documentary 2019 identity, Europe, Greece, Süden Radio 3
NowHere Nowhere NoWhere Alessio Premoli AKA Chelidon Frame Electroacoustic 2019 home, field recording, Süden Radio 3
A symphony for San Donato Jason Cady 2019 Firenze, Jason Cady, performance, radio art
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