Parlami di Lei (Tell me about her)
A question about art. 
Writers, artists, philosophers, critics and directors are invited to answer. 

A podcast curated by Pietro Gaglianò.
Produced by Scripta in collaboration with Libreria Brac and Radio Papesse

Parlami di lei is a 6-episodes series. Six voices, a single question: "Tell me about her". Tell me about art, about its presence, its silence, the noise it makes.

The guests of this second series are Virgilio Sieni - choreographer - Stefano Bartezzaghi - semiologist -  Marion D'Amburgo - actress -  Davide Dormino - artist - Francesca Grilli - artist - and Laura Pugno - writer and poet.


The podcast is in Italian and it is also available on Spotify, Spreaker, Apple Podcast, ITunes and anywhere you listen to podcasts.


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