Title RadioProducerYearTag
Radia Show 937 | Poekoe Radio Grenouille aa.vv 2023 sound sculpture, experimental, radiophonic workshop, vibrations
Radia Show 936 | Disembodied paths Radio Zero Joana de Sá 2023 sound art, field recording
Radia Show 935 | Can we talk, dear AI? TEA FM Chuse Fernandez 2022 Chuse Fernandez, train, ChatGPT, AI
Radia Show 934 | Sonic Collectivity Jo Caimo, Sjoerd Leijten 2022 Antwerp, archive, politics, resistance
Radia Show 933 | LOOP liminal Orange 94.0 Barbara Huber, Barbara Kaiser, Karl Schönswetter 2022 loop, Barbara Huber, Barbara Kaiser, phone
Radia Show 931 | In and Out and In-between *Duuu Elen Huynh 2023 spoken word, field recording, solitude
Radia Show 930 | Runaway Noosphere Reboot.fm 2023 Radia, season 49
Radia Show 929 | Untime Therapy: The art of detuning radio x miss.gunst 2023 transmission art, therapy, time, radio art
Radia Show 928 | No Ground Radio One 91 FM Jennifer Callaway 2023 frequencies, transmission, experimental, radio art
Radia Show 925 | À table! Radio ARA François Martig, Sandra Laborier 2022 politics, food, social justice, restaurant
Radia Show 924 | Ritmi rurali Radio Papesse Joseph Sannicandro 2022 Liminaria, Leandro Pisano, community, bells
Radia Show 923 | Voices in my head  radioart106fm Floy Krouchi  2022 voice, desert, landscape, Holy Land
Radia Show 921 | TZUSSS Radio Student Tizia Zimmermann, Silvan Schmid, Urška Savič 2022 experimental, radio art
Radia Show 920 | Co-regulating the spectrum: Meanwhile, the wave Wave Farm WGXC 90.7-FM José Alejandro Rivera 2022 frequencies, diaspora, experimental documentary, radio transmission
Radia Show 914 | New Poem Resonance FM That Travis 2022 music, intimacy, Hong Kong, solitude
Radia Show 913 | Shentov, Simitchiev, Lukanov Kanal 103 2022 drone, concert, live, season 49
Radia Show 912 | And you've asked me to think about medicine Soundart Radio Sarah Scaife 2022 nature, garden, sound collage, medicine
Radia Show 911 | Radio Tout le Temps Radio Campus 2022 archive, language, season 49
Radia Show 910 | Petite bascule d’été Radio Grenouille Jbi 2022 Marseille, soundscape, summer, cicadas
Radia Show 909 | Flux of Fragments Radio Zero Line Horneland 2022 loop, voice, Line Horneland, vocalscape
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