Title RadioProducerYearTag
Radia Show 921 | TZUSSS Radio Student Tizia Zimmermann, Silvan Schmid, Urška Savič 2022 experimental, radio art
Radia Show 920 | Co-regulating the spectrum: Meanwhile, the wave Wave Farm WGXC 90.7-FM José Alejandro Rivera 2022 frequencies, diaspora, experimental documentary, radio transmission
Radia Show 914 | New Poem Resonance FM That Travis 2022 music, intimacy, Hong Kong, solitude
Radia Show 913 | Shentov, Simitchiev, Lukanov Kanal 103 2022 drone, concert, live, season 49
Radia Show 912 | And you've asked me to think about medicine Soundart Radio Sarah Scaife 2022 nature, garden, sound collage, medicine
Radia Show 911 | Radio Tout le Temps Radio Campus 2022 archive, language, season 49
Radia Show 910 | Petite bascule d’été Radio Grenouille Jbi 2022 Marseille, soundscape, summer, cicadas
Radia Show 909 | Flux of Fragments Radio Zero Line Horneland 2022 loop, voice, Line Horneland, vocalscape
Radia Show 908 | The House of Kinshasa - Part 1 CKUT Pauline Batamu Kasiwa Lomami 2022 CKUT 90.3fm, Belgium, home, diaspora
Radia Show 907 | Doubtful No. 14: Land *Duuu Charlie Hamish Jeffery 2022 radio show, language, Charlie Hamish Jeffery, land
Radia Show 906 | Fish for Thought Reboot.fm Varja Hrvatin, Polina Burovskaya, M. Marque Pham, Gideon Morison 2022 politics, pollution, sea, radio drama
Radia Show 905 | Errant Waves in Arcadia radio x Gabi Schaffner 2022 Datscha Radio, frequencies, Gabi Schaffner, radio waves
Radia Show 904 | Tracing the source of the signal only opens the noise of the field Radio One 91 FM Radio Cegeste, Sally Ann McIntyre 2022 Australia, Sally Ann McIntyre, birds, sound archaeology
Radia Show 903 | I have no voice P-node Julie Coutureau 2022 experimental, spoken word, season 48
Radia Show 902 | A Natural Contract live at NaturArchy Reso Usmaradio 2022 performance, sound art, crown, season 48
Radia Show 901 | Grotte Song Radio ARA Claire Serres 2022 performance, Rdio Art Zone, Esch2022
Radia Show 899 | An S.O.S from Masafer Yatta radioart106fm Meira Asher 2022 home, political activism, Israel, activism
Radia Show 898 | Machines Making Machines Diffusion FM Philip Curach 2022 improvisation, storytelling, industrial, synthesizer
Radia Show 897 | Sleeplessly, a research of insomnia Radio Student Makis Ananiadis 2022 poetry, river, improvisation, Ljubljana
Radia Show 896 | 25 Hz Wave Farm WGXC 90.7-FM Andy Stuhl 2022 broadcast, experimental radio, Radia
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