Radia Show 583 | Koímêsis


This weekly Radia Show comes from Radio Campus in Bruxelles. It was commissioned by Saout Radio and produced by radio collective Moniek in collaboration with Carine Demange.

Koímêsis is a live radio performance in French and Greek ; a political poetry choir on Europe.

In August 2015, one month after the adoption of the Greece Memorandum of Understanding, the ‘No to the No’, I walked through the streets of Athens. The Greek Orthodoxs were celebrating the Koimesis. Koimesis means ‘dormition’. A sacred condition between sleep and death. Koímêsis forms a book of thirty-nine short poems on political and physic apathy, the sun, the beauty and the morbid. | luvan, May 2016

Greek translation: Iota Gaganas
The Choir: luvan, Iota Gaganas, Carine Demange, Anne Lepère, Chloé Despax, Anna Raimondo and Deena Abdelwahed (as Moniek team and guests).
Acoustic work: Anne Lepère
Music: J.A.T.A.C.
Artwork: Laure Afchain

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