Radia Show 897 | Sleeplessly, a research of insomnia


The 3-piece soundtrack is inspired by Bukowski’s poetry. It consists of several field recordings, audio recordings and a live improvisation recording. It’s attempt is to study insomnia, unrestfullness, stagnation.

Charles Bukowski's poems are interpreted: Dreamlessly, The suicide kid, Roll the Dice, The Genius of the Crowd.

Audio sources include:
• filed recording from 2019 Metaldays festival
• field recording, Sava river, 2021
• field recording, Soća river, 2019
• field recording, Tolmunka river, 2021
• field recording of the falling rain from my tent, June 2021
• audio recording from exhibition: Piiril/Rajalla at Narva, Esthonia, 7.5.2022
• audio recording from Neposlušno / Sound Disobedience festival, 31.3.2022
• audio recording from a birthday party somewhere in Bežigrad, Ljubljana, June 2022
• live recording at home, Šiška, Ljubljana, 4. 6. 2022

Makis Ananiadis is sound engineer at Radio Študent.
Has a few instruments, though he is no musician.

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