Radia Show 568 | Back Again


This week Radia Show is brought to us by Radio Campus Paris and it has been produced by Laura Morris.
Being the station parisian you might think the show to be utterly French...yet, not.

The search for something new encompasses the search for a new you. Why travel? To see new places? Or for the chance to be or become someone else? Who are you in a new, anonymous crowd? But the further we go, the longer we stay, the closer we are to something essential, the same rope of reactions, the same anchor of thoughts.

In the piece certain sounds return again and again, sometimes altered, but ultimately the same.
These recordings come from three weeks spent mostly on trains in the Balkan countries (Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia as well as Hungary, Slovenia and Austria). The recordings are presented in a mostly chronological order.

Laura Morris is sometimes a painter, always a New Yorker, and certainly a radio producer living and working in Paris.



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