Radia Show 306 | Chris Watson's workshop audio diary


This week show is brought to you by XLair and it was produced by Bruxelles-based sound artist Dianne Weller.

Here is how Weller herself introduces the piece:

"I was lucky enough to be granted access to be a participant in this workshop of the UK based Sound Artist Chris Watson, run by the Rits Radio Department last October 2010. My inspiration for doing so, was to extend my artistic practices from a vocal performer into sound design and installation work. Since Chris Watson has a diverse background working in music, documentary, film and installation work I thought what better mentor would there be to introduce me to this new and challenging arena. I don't mean to sound flippant and as a complete novice to this world, but it was in short, an experience equatable to learning to be a fighter jet pilot in just a few short days! With his ease and gracious style of lecturing Chris has a impactful manner in imparting his immense knowledge on the subject he is clearly passionately living - sound. This workshop was centering around the sounds of the city and we exposed ourselves to the sounds of Brussels and what it has to offer us through the visionary ears of Chris Watson.

I had no idea of what to do with the material I was collecting at the beginning of the week then finally by the end of the journey thought the best way to capture this was to formulate it into this audio diary I had made of my own experiences. These sound scapes that fill the diary are a collection of the collaborative work of the group and Chris' personal samples.

Now I feel I have a good headstart to venture into the world of sound." [Dianne Weller]


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