Why is it important to focus on the Venice model? Because artists create models of thinking the world. If we look at the state of the world today, what do we see? We see walls being built around countries, we see immigrants being expulsed, we see the unbalance between rich and poor growing, we see economies collapsing. Why should the world of culture mirror so perfectly that reality? It should not. We will perhaps not change the world but we can make at least the effort of not replicating it so perfectly inside the world of culture. Artists create models of thinking the world. Let us create a Venice model that is not a replica of the unbalances of our world. [Alfredo Jaar, Notes on Venice]

Alfredo Jaar, Venezia, Venezia, Chilean Pavilluon, 55th Venice Biennale, Il Palazzo Enciclopedico, 2013.

We are not new to encounters with Alfredo Jaar [in Venice in 2009 and in Liverpool in 2010] and each time, during the years, it is as if our discourse started where it was interrupted the previous time.

On the occasion of the 55.th Venice Biennale our conversation reconnected, to talk once again about his work, his practice, but most of all about responsabilities; artists' and intellectuals' responsabilities, we talked about the ability to wait and the importance of taking one's time to listen and observe, for then asking oneself questions about the world we're in.

Alfredo Jaar, Venezia Venezia, installation view, 2013.


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