Wenn ich gen sueden schaue, sehe ich meine fuesse

Süden Radio 2013


When I was composing this piece I was struggling to understand what you meant by Süden.

Being from Canada I do not know the exact context of Süden. Is it geographic? Is it social? Is there a border that divides  North and South? Are people from the South considered better than those from the North? Or are they considered worse? Why is it this way? Is it warmer in the south or is it warmer in the north? I don’t know any of these things.

I wanted to play with the idea that there is no North or South or East or West. There is only my left, my right and up and down. None of these directions are better or worse than the other. They are simply choices that I have the freedom to make. It does not matter where on this earth I am. I always have these four directions to choose from.

The title Wenn ich gen sueden schaue, sehe ich meine fuesse (2013) refers to my idea that no matter where on earth I am, if I look straight down, or Süden, I will see my feet. South is only relative to where I stand, it does not dictate who I am or what I am. [D.Burke Mahoney]

D. Burke Mahoney creates richly textured and often melodic soundscapes. His compositions range from heavy and dense to sparse and subtle and often contain a mixture of field recordings and radio transmissions. He has released material in Canada, the United States and in the United Kingdom. D. Burke Mahoney is currently living and working in Toronto.


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