Tzotzil (2013) is a work composed with recordings made in Chiapas, South East Mexico.

When we speak about South we talk about a geographic location - the South of a city, a country, a continent - and each region will have several different cultures, languages, social relationships. To talk about the South of Mexico is to talk about multiculturalism, about social and political struggle, about vast natural resources, among many other things.

In this piece  it is possible to hear the conversations in Tzotzil language between the indigenous women of San Juan Chamula  as well as sounds of birds and insects recorded at Palenque and Chiapa de Corzo.

Balam Ronan has a bachelor's degree in music with line terminal in Composition at the Autonomous Univeristy od Querétaro, Mexico. His work includes acoustic, electroacoustic and electronic media composition and soundscaping. He has also made music for contemporary dance and sound-designed for theatre and installations. Ronan works with the Green Field Recordings and Echomusic. His music has been performed in Argentina, Greece, Mexico, Sweden and the United States.


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