Between 2008-12 Alan Dunn curated the 10xCD opus The sounds of ideas forming that brought together sounds from artists, students and archives under seven themes. Plotting the 318 files onto a world map, he noticed that only 8 pieces were recorded south of the equator. His submission is simply these eight files sequenced together:

1 Chris Watson - Deep voices, recorded off the coast of The Galápagos Islands, from the CD Soundtrack to a Mersey Tunnel (2008);

2 Andrea Polli - Cape Royds, an Adelie penguin rookery, from Sonic Antarctica recorded at The Dry Valleys (77°30?S 163°00?E) on the shore of McMurdo Sound, 3,500 km due south of New Zealand and the geographic South Pole (90°00?S), from the CD Soundtrack to a catastrophic world (2010);

Andrea Polli - I don’t have the data (excerpt), as above

4 Andrea Polli - No boundaries, as above.

5 Yunyu - Error 404, recorded in New South Wales, from the CD Adventures in numb4rland (2012).

6 Claudia Wegener - Round the fountain, recorded in Johannesburg, from the CD Music for the Williamson Tunnels: A collection of the sound of dripping water (2008)

7 David Harrison - Lost tongues, recordings of the Yimas people in Papua New Guinea, speaking in the highly endangered Karim language. Copyright is retained by the Yimas people, from the CD Soundtrack to a catastrophic world (2010);

8 Chris Watson - 90 Degrees South, recorded in Antarctica, from the CD Adventures in numb4rland (2012).

BIO || Alan Dunn has been involved with curatorial projects in non-gallery contexts since the Bellgrove Station Billboard Project (Glasgow 1990-91). A graduate of Glasgow School of Art and The Art Institute of Chicago, he was Lead Artist on the community Internet TV project tenantspin at The Foundation for Art & Creative Technology in Liverpool, developing collaborative content with elderly high-rise tenants alongside Superflex, Bill Drummond, Fluxus, Chris Watson, Mike McCartney and EAST05. Since 2007 he has lectured in Contemporary Art at Leeds Metropolitan University and is currently undertaking a PhD by previous publication around his 10xCD opus The sounds of ideas forming that brings together sounds from artists, students and archives, including agreed content from David Bowie, Scanner, Yoko Ono, Brian Eno, Einstürzende Neubauten, Leadbelly, Andy Warhol, Pavel Büchler, John Cage, Lydia Lunch, alva noto and Carol Kaye. Excerpts from The sounds of ideas forming have been presented at the ICA London, secretthirteen, ResonanceFM, Quebec Biennial, SOUNDWALK2012 California and Radio Panik.

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