Florian Hecker presents a new electro acoustic piece - Standard Map & Cusp Map (Binaural Mix) - that enters fields osound, composition, architecture and spatial perception simultaneously. The title refers to the German acoustician Jens Blauert (*1938), and his discovery of so called directional bands. They are specific frequency band widths that help individuals to determine the direction of a sound and consequently process and retrieve spatial information of any sound object.

In his work, Florian Hecker is interested in relations between music and spatial coordinates. Albert Köppelheu interpreted Hecker’s practice as ‘discarding all formal habits embedded in our listening patterns. In this process, computer-generated sounds evolve into a phantasmagoria of acoustic impressions where, spatial movement and psychoacoustic  phenomena intertwine'.

Standard Map & Cusp Map (Binaural Mix)  has been released by London based Mute Song Ltd.




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