Adam Leech is an American artist based in Bruxelles; his sound piece Speech Bubble is part of Tobi Maier's Radio Epode radio program in the frame of Adam Budak's exhibition Principle Hope for Manifesta7 in Rovereto. 

My name is Adam Leech and I'm going to introduce a video project that I did for Manifesta 7. The video is entitled Speech Bubble and what you're going to hear is the audio of the video. It was inspired by a series of bankruptcies that I learned about; I began to research these companies and I became interested in the psycologicial behaviour of salesmen: how they behave, what they believe in, how they manipulate people, so i began to construct characters on what i learned. After that I began to construct a sort of new poetic language which has to do with action-reaction, very basic communication skills. The result is somewhere in between a criticism of certain corporate culture, is a kind of poetic investigation into language and a visual display of a financial space.

The piece is about 4 minutes, enjoy!


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