Soundart Uruguay (2013) is produced out of field recordings made in Montevideo and Canelones - Uruguay - between December 20th 2012 and January 10th 2013; prosaic conversations in Latin American Spanish.

I have been living in Trento, Italy, since 2005; I went back to Uruguay after eight years for a short nonetheless intense visit. A rendez-vous with my family and friends, with the many places, the streets, the bus, the food, the beaches, my abandoned works.

Soundart Uruguay is a recap of these moments and it is composed of video fragments and field recordings made between Parque Rodò, Avenida 18 de Julio, the Shopping Center Punta Carretas in Montevideo and Playa de Cuchilla Alta and Canelopes. [Osvaldo Cibils]


Osvaldo Cibils was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, 1961. Lives and works in Trento, Italy. His work is mainly oriented towards drawings, computer sounds, shortslow videos and experimental ideas.


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