Süden Radio 2013


The idea has taken shape over nearly ten years of experience in free improvisation and musical wanderings around South America and Europe.

A prototype route to be followed in a borderless world, the ReMoTelmPLov project brings into focus the multiple connections and possibilities for dialogue between supposedly distant artistic languages.

Each guest composer was given the task of submitting a totally improvised solo piece, the only restriction being the maximum lenght dictated. No reference was given, unless the information that in the final composition the pieces would overlap randomly.

The result of this adventure confirms expectations that have troubled me for years. To paraphrase the late magus Decio Pignatari: só a estrutura nova é significado novo. E ação nova - Only the new structure is a new meaning. And a new action.

Rodrigo Gobbet (Brazil): conception, electric bass, mixing and mastering

Alvaro Rosso (Portugal): double bass

Gustavo “Bode” Muccillo (Brazil): trumpet

Matias Fisher (Argentina): french horn

The complete project will be launched in Brazil by Mansarda Records in mid-August with the participation of ten musicians from South America, Europe and Asia.

Rodrigo Gobbet is musician and composer; active member of the Circuit of Free Improvisation of São Paulo and bassist of the experimental group JZSMTK since 2005, he develops projects with improvised music and free jazz. He has joined international improvised music festivals in Portugal, Spain and Brazil.


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