Plants can act as a natural compass both in their ecosystems and in our homes. This is the starting point for Plant Consciousness & Communication (2012). By relating to plants, we can gain a sense of orientation no matter where we are.

In our homes, the South window is synonymous with sunlight. It is the window that receives the most sun, perfect for cacti and succulents. In this sense, caring for plants gives us a sense of direction in relation to our natural environment from the confines of our homes.

Throughout the body of work I present in this investigative collage, there is the evidence of a distinct concern about how industrialization has affected the human connection to the natural world. Some scientists claim that this connection may be even deeper than we know. Throughout the history of modern science, various experiments with plants have demonstrated that they may be responding to human thoughts, emotions, and intentions.

The widespread implications of a tangible form of plant consciousness and communication has also given way to a fascinating culture of stories, myths, and above all, an impressive adventure in sound. This collage features plant-based generative music, music to grow plants by, music using plants as instruments, music inspired by plants, and audio evidence of electrical signalling in plants that supports theories of plant consciousness. [Carlo Patrão]

Carlo Patrão has been working in radio since he became a member of the freeform independent radio station Rádio Universidade de Coimbra in 2007. At RUC he started working on the program Zepelim to explore the diverse possibilities of radiophonic space through the use of sound collages, archived sound, found sound, plunderphonics, field recordings, musique concrete and interspecies music. His radio show has been featured in radio art festivals like RadiaLx,  AV Festival (UK) e Megapolis Audio Festival (USA). Monthly Zepelim presents a new episode on (UK).


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