In Naples people sing, since ever. In Naples music is an integral part of everyday life, fills the streets, make people sing to the top of their lungs, it brings together thousands of people, moves money and makes people popular. That is the scene of neomelodic singers, a scene too frequently overlooked, underestimated or approached as turists, a scene that moves thousands of fans.


Even if she's been living abroad ad working around the Mediterranean since many years, each time Anna Raimondo - Brussels-based artist from the neapolitan region of Campania - comes back home, she is thrown back ears deep into this music; thus, this time, she decided to clinically observe it to better understand what does Neomelodic music actually means.


‘Nu poc ’e me is a long musical trip defying prejudices and stereotypes and truly listening to this musical genrse and its singers. Tommy Riccio, Giusy Attanasio, Emiliana Cantone, Gianni Fiorellino are some of the neomelodic celebrities met by Anna Raimondo in the making of this five-episodes documentary, accompanied by Alessandro Mazzola (political science ph.D at the Liege University and neomelodic bass-guitarist) and Riccardo Rosa (author and neapolitan music expert).

‘Nu poc ’e me has been first broadcasted on Rai Radio3 in June 2016 and has been co-produced by BNA-BBOT (Brussels). Production was made possible thanks to Daria Corrias; interviews, recordings, writings and editing by Anna Raimondo, final mix by Roxane Brunet.

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