Milant vac vitalot

Süden Radio 2013


Now that Michele Augello is resting in the cemetery in Sannicandro Garganico, surrounded by the funerary-niches in white marble and the cicadas’ song, visits by strangers drawn by his fame are practically down to zero. The only one still disturbing him is father Vincenzo Palmieri, the vicar of this small village in Puglia, his friend/enemy in life, buried in front of him, who still reproaches him for his past as a people’s healer and mystic.

A charismatic but reserved and generous figure, recalled by those who knew him, by those who witnessed his miracles, by those who were healed by him. A character still loved today, the expression of an approach to a folk-nature transcendence, of a millenary but nevertheless still relevant mysticism, in which magic and religion end up by going hand-in-hand, in which the irrational permeates everyday life.

Milant vac vitalot (2012) is the soundtrack of the film-documentary Michele nella terra directed by Grazia Tricarico; a mix of voices and sounds from a real environment to accompany a sometimes imaginary script.

Eric Guerrino Nardin is a sound designer; in 2012 he got the Diploma in Technical Sound at the Experimental Center of Cinematography - National Film School in Rome, and in 2009 he got a Bachelor's Degree in Musicology at the Università di Udine.


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