Makan Project - Think Tanger

Abdellah M. Hassak - Süden Radio 2017


This piece has been shortlisted in the context of the Süden Radio open call for soundworks.

In this performance - recorded last October 7th, 2016 - Abdellah M. Hassak renders the transformation of Tangers' soundscape. He authored a text taking inspiration from the places he has visited and recorded, by both collective memories and personal souvenirs, by the legacy of the Beat Generation and by many other inner universes. In Hassak's soundwork, Tangers' past meets its present and its metamorphosis.

Abdellah M. Hassak is a new media and sound artist, musician and producer, cultural manager and engineer. His sound work focuses on the use of digital technologies, computer coding for processing and sound interactivity.
He is interested in archives, cultural and artistic heritage. At the same time - Abdellah M. Hassak states - new technologies help to facilitate communication. By remixing tradition and connecting it to technologies he tries to create spaces of cultural exchanges and interconnections. His work is deeply involved with the city - its chaotic and anarchist sounds - a fecund place to contextualize his sound art in.

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