This work is one of the winners of the Call for Soundworks RadioPapesse + GenderBender.

After the preparations I was able to work with some variations, loops and transformation of the texts. The timber of the different voices belongs to one of the planes which structure the piece. Furthermore, I developed a text analysis form for the written words consisting of seven groups of phonemes. These groups, combined with algorithmic models, control the form of the piece and every single sound object. Using an self-designed application in MAX, I was able to work with the different combinations of numbers which have been used for musical parameters such as material, duration, rhythm, stereophonic position and density. The semantic characteristic of the text objects depends on real-time calculations that, from time to time, create something like a new synthetic language or atomic word cells. With time-stretching methods I extended central words of the poems many times longer than their original length and formed new harmonic spectra and "singing" tonal characteristics. [Christian Banasik]

Letzte Gebarde offener Munder is an electroacoustic composition by Christian Banasik, dating back to 2001. The starting point for the entire piece is german Michael Wuestefeld's poetry: the texts Banasik uses have been written in East Germany between 1986 ans 1987. 
Christian Banasik was born in 1963 in Siemianowice (Poland) and has lived in Germany since 1974. He studied composition with Gunther Becker and Dimitri Terzakis at the Robert Schumann Acedemy of Music in Düsseldorf and with Hans Zender at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt. His instrumental and electronic pieces have been featured in concerts and radio programs throughout Europe. (BBC London, SFB Berlin, HR Frankfurt, WDR Cologne, NDR Hamburg, VPRO Radio Holland, VRT Radio Belgium, Polskie Radio and Swedish National Radio as well as in the Americas, Asia, and Australia). Banasik was the artistic director of the ensemble "go ahead" and organizer of multimedia events with new music, literature and fine arts as well as concerts of electromusic music. He has received national and international music awards and scholarships. Beside live electronics and computer music, Benasik has produced works for tape, radio plays and film soundtracks.

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