Les traqueurs de bruits

Abdellah M. Hassak for the Festival des Gestes de la Recherche


Les traqueurs de bruits is an immersion at the heart of Grenoble’s daily life, grounded on its sonic ambiences, but also on those material and human traces populating its urbanscape. It explores acoustic intensity, the power of sound waves carried through air and space, and those invisible, yet audible traces that come along with them: the city’s soul, its sayings, and legends. 


From the process of collection led during his residency in Grenoble**, Abdellah M. Hassak gathers traces of memories and imaginaries, keeping the border between the real and the fictitious, fluid. The work suggests a mental cartography, held by the city’s inhabitants, as much as its sonic environments. It makes us move us even if the work grounds on the desire to allow us to listen (deeply) what we normally just hear. Carried by the sound of whispering walls, the artwork set us for an intimate journey across the collective memories of the city of Sault, memories embedded in stories and anecdotes.

Abdellah M. Hassak a Grenoble, Cresson | Dipartimento di Architettura, ENSAG.

** Hassak's residency Pratiques Sonores À L’Épreuve Des Dynamiques Diasporiques is organized in the framework of the Research Unit Hospitalité artistique et activisme visuel pour une Europe diasporique et post-occidentale (2019-2023) supported by Pratique d’Hospitalité in collaboration with Radio Papesse and CRESSON. 


Abdellah M. Hassak is a sound and new media artist, music producer, manager and engineer in new technologies based in Casablanca (Morocco). His sound work is centered on using digital technologies and data-processing coding and it is guided by many sound researches related to places and cities, and their dimensions of social and cultural transformations. Hassak's work emerges in the forms of poetic and interactive performances and is related to sound concepts such as soundscape, resonance, glitch, frequency and noise. Through these different modes of research and production, he creates his own sound narratives that question the immortalization of the moment and the memory. He also plays music under the name of DUBOSMIUM, GUEDRA GUEDRA, DIGITAL TURBANS and many others: his solo performances often go through an ambient, soundscape, and immersive environment approach with poetic narrations, using analog or digital equipment. 

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