Radio on Wheels is a bike-speed coreography moving through the streets of a city, carrying and amplifying the sound of an army of radios. La Radio a Pedali/ Radio on wheels is a project produced by Radio Papesse in collaboration with the Maggio Fiorentino Fiorentino Theatre.

Florence, April 30th, 2011, Nuit Blanche

Every cyclist have been invited to bring his/her own radio and to tune in to Rai Radio 3 airing the live concert at the Maggio Fiorentino Theatre, Beethoven and Liszt interpreted by Daniel Baremboim (piano) Zubin Mehta (director) and the Maggio Fiorentino Orchestra.

Radio on Wheels is a PARTICIPATORY PROJECT with which Radio Papesse try to trigger a reflection around both the idea of energy - released by art and culture - and sustainability of the cultural consumption and of the environmental habits.
Alessio Ballerini have been invited to record the sound of Radio on Wheels and to work on it realizing a sound portrait, a radio work and...more!

Alessio's project is a multilayered audio work: he realized a sonic map of the bicyles ride across the city of Florence.
These field recordings have been used by Ballerini with the goal is to produce a radio work that could also be published as an album.

This is just the first bit! Enjoy

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