Il terzo paesaggio

Prayers and healing recipes for the new millennium


The Barrel

In the heart of Trastevere, Santa Maria della Scala was the first pharmacy of Rome. For many centuries it is there where herbal remedies were made, preserved and sold. Today the laboratory is open upon appointment but it’s worthy the visit because there you can find a barrel that keeps some traces of the first drug in the history of Mediterranean medicine: the teriaca. From Rome the documentary brings us to Jovencan, a small town in Val d'Aosta that, since 2011, is home to the Maison des Anciens Remèdes, an ethnographic museum devoted to ancient remedies and traditional medicines. In Jovencan Audiodoc got to know the story of an old healer. 


The Barrel is presented by Audiodoc in the context of Lucia La Radio al Cinema, an international festival devoted to the craft of audio storytelling in radio and podcasting, organized by Radio Papesse in Florence, December 12-14, 2019. 


Audiodoc is the first Italian association of audio documentaries' independent authors. Founded in 2006, it promotes the distribution and experimentation of producing audio features in Italy. Audiodoc's members collaborate with Italian and international broadcasters (RAI, RSI, Radio Popolare Network, ARD, and more), universities, archives, and cultural institutions. It fosters individual and collective productions, promotes listening sessions and audiocraft festivals, and supports collaborative projects with fellow audio producers in Italy and abroad. 

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