Derrière chez moi

Süden Radio 2013


Returning to the land of her origin, Kanaky - New Caledonia, the author undertakes a mysterious quest, on a journey to the heart of this wonderful island. Where is hidden the Cagou of his childhood? Guided by the concern for its people, she will go in search of a taboo wood on the other side of the mountain. For it is there, in this coveted red earth, that ensures the future of an entire people.

Recorded in Kanaky New Caledonia, Derrière chez moi (2009) addresses issues of history and identity in relation to the country. In a region more focused on massive industrialization than dedicated to the protection of its unique environment, it also places the Kanak and Caledonian world in general in front of the challenges of tomorrow.

Director: Carine Demange
Editing: Magali Schuermans
Original Music: Hervé Lecren; Olivier Bilou
Voice of the Cagou: Jean Boissery
Mix: Axel Antoine
Production: Anne Closset

With the voices of Charly Demange, Kathy Porin-Pouéa, Naomy My, Charles Ndoui Porin-Pouéa, Pino, Jules and Cibi Porin-Pouéa and their children, Jean-Marc Mériot, Jean Boissery, Elijah, Marthe Atti, Alphonse Euribéari, Bernard Suprin, Denis Atti and musical excerpts from Nepishöö et Virhin.

A production of Athanor Production Asbl, in co-production with Atelier de Création Sonore Radiophonique. Supported by the program Du côté des ondes from RTBF, SACD France – SACD Belgique and by Le Fonds d’Aide à la création Radiophonique en Communauté française de Belgique. Prix SCAM Belgique Radiophonique 2010.

Carine Demange was active in world music, promoting intercultural artists from elsewhere. Graduated in cultural anthropology, she also worked for Belgian development NGOs. Active member of Radio Campus in Bruxelles, she produces several cultural and intercultural programs and curates radio art. She is also secretary general of the Atelier de Création Sonore Radiophonique.

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