Bar Bar - Inner Soundscape

Alessandra Eramo @ Festival des Gestes de la Recherche


Bar Bar - Inner Soundscape (2020) is a sound performance for voice, text, field recordings and electronics. It is specifically conceived By Alessandra Eramo for the Festival des Gestes de la Recherche.

It focuses on the voice in relation to noise and surroundings, it makes use of sound, language and misunderstanding as means to materialize and transform a state of isolation. The voice as ephemeral, tactile, vulnerable object moves from the inner to the outer space, surpassing the borders of the marginalized body in a hyper-productive world.

At a time when avoiding physical contact and keeping the distance to each other have been normalized, an inner soundscape is exposed as an attempt of empathy and proximity. Through fragmented words, non verbal vocalizing, melodic singing and noise from everyday life enviroment, the piece evolve into a babbling force shaping a new sonic field beyond clichè.

Alessandra Eramo is a sound artist and vocalist based in Berlin who works with performance and installation, text-sound composition, video and drawing, exploring latent acoustic territories of the human voice and noise as socio-political matter. Combining visual art and contemporary music, she develops artistic projects and live-performances that address questions of the body, memory and identity, often adopting participatory actions, field recording, site-specific modes, and experimental approaches to composition. Through symbolic narratives and visceral expressions, central to her practice is extending the voice in all its forms and implications in sonic and visual contexts.

She has exhibited and performed widely at festivals, radio, museums, galleries and institutions such as: SAVVY Contemporary Berlin,  Deutschlandfunk Kultur Klangkunst, Liminaria/Manifesta12 Palermo, Tempo Reale Festival Firenze, 6th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art, Transmediale Berlin, Heroines of Sound Festival Berlin, Museum FLUXUS+ Potsdam, Roulette New York, Padiglione Italia nel Mondo/54th Venice Biennale. Co-founder of "Corvo Records - vinyl & sound art production", she's been member of Errant Bodies project space in Berlin and she leads her cross-disciplinary workshop "The Space between Voice and Gesture".

As vocalist she has collaborated with many acclaimed composers, choreographers, poets and visual artists including: Zorka Wollny, Brandon LaBelle, Maria Iorio & Raphaël Cuomo, Noha Ramadan, Ines Lechleitner, Irena Tomažin, SJ Fowler, Gabriel Dharmoo, Tomomi Adachi, Seiji Morimoto, Steffi Weismann, Mark W. Sutherland and Marta Zapparoli.

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