Afrika Women’s Forum Podcast 1 (English Breakfast)

A Radio Continental Drift production


A breakfast conversation of three African women in Germany... with Godsglory Jibril- Ellams, Yvonne Chipo Makopa and Claudia Wegener. The first in a series of five podcasts recorded and produced with women of the Yes Afrika Women’s Forum 2015 during a six months podcast and radio project. Wir sind Afrikanerinnen in Hamm... was realized with support of Engagement Global, FUgE e.V. and Yes Afrika e.V.

Yes Afrika Women's podcast
Yes Afrika Women's podcast on soundcloud
Yes Afrika Women's forum footage

radio continental drift was founded by Claudia Wegener - a listener with a bag - in the streets of Johannesburg in 2005. Its journey is weaving North and South. Radio community projects took place in London, Johannesburg, Durban, on road in Kenya and Uganda, with African women in Germany and with women both sides of the Zambezi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
radio continental drift is slow broadcasting 24/7 under Creative Commons License via the Internet Archive.
Tune-in and use the archived recordings.


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