A Home

Süden Radio 2013


First of all I am a man of the South, I do not never forget that. [Francesco Giannico]

A Home (2010 -2012) is a free soundscape composition intertwining fragmented audio samples of two cities of Southern Italy: Taranto and Bisceglie. The audio samples were collected during the two Acoustic Ecology workshops that I conducted in Taranto, in 2010 and in Bisceglie, in 2012.

The idea in this track is to create a tandem between the sounds of two towns from the South similar to each other, both on the Sea: Taranto overlooking the Ionian Sea and Bisceglie the Adriatic. Audio samples of the port and the fish market are very important in the track structure, together with the chatter of the people living in the alleys of the old city. The sound carpet is deliberately slow and static, sometimes as suffocating and fascinating as the experience of living there.

Francesco Giannico is an italian electroacoustic musician, video artist and webdesigner. He lives in Rome and he originates from Taranto, in the southern part of Italy. He’s graduated in Musicology and Musical Heritage at the University of Lecce with a thesis on History of film music. He published his works with many labels and he collaborated with many artists like Bruno Dorella, Amy Denio, Kim Cascone, Thollem McDonas, Zac Nelson, Stefan Bonitatibus, Ben Chatwin, Mary Levykina, Anna Aleksandra Waliszewska, Fabio Orsi and Alessio Ballerini. His musical approach is better described as a cinematic journey which pushes the boundaries of digital media even further by incorporating smooth melodies and gentle textures. More canonical instruments such as guitar and piano are constantly present into Francesco Giannico’s music, within interrupted structures or long and dreaming sonorous carpets.

During the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011 he created with Alessio Ballerini the network Archivio Italiano dei Paesaggi Sonori to promote and diffuse the soundscapes culture.


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