Radia Show 559 | I promise not to feed back in love again


This week RADIA Show is distributed by the people at Radio Zéro.
It was produced by Mestre André and Paulo Raposo, the first on cassette, the latter on cassetes, field-recordings and assorted sinewaves.
enjoy the listening!

short BIO:
André G Pinto Aka Mestre André is involved with ecological thinking of the arts practice and aesthetic relationships with the natural and non-natural environments. André has developed work as a Sound Artist, Field-Recordist, Performer, Installation Artist, Free Improviser, Composer and Sound Designer, doing live Sound Design for movies and theatre plays, sound installations and automated/interactive live concerts, amongst other things…
He is a member of the band Älforjs and the ensemble Tratado de Cardew, which has been performing Cardew’s score: Treatise.
Currently his work develops around deep listening as an ecological approach towards sound and music. As a composer he explores the ‘grief of incommunicability’ that exists in the attempt of exchange/comprehension/ communication between the human and humanised world/perception and what exceeds it, developing methods to somehow recreate or relate to the natural environment through the means of sound mapping and sound making.

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