Radia Show 519 | First 100 days by Julia Drouhin


This week Radia is produced by Julia Drouhin for Radio Campus Paris.


First 100 days in the sound environment of a newborn. With a parliament of crows, bats and birds, family and friends.


Julia Drouhin has been working with sound since 2003. She has investigated the haunted air of ghost towns through phono-memory, conducts voodoo sessions with records made of chocolate or ice, has glittered the catacombs of Paris, curated mini-FM events in both France and Spain, and performed with candyfloss clouds. She completed her PhD on the art of walking and radio art at the University of Paris 8 in 2011. In 2014 she won the Giuseppe Englert Prize for which she produced a musical and environmental Listening Passage in the mall of Launceston, Tasmania.


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