Radia Show 506 | Dancing fire


This week Radia Show is brought to us by the folks at Radio Campus Bruxelles and was produced by Anne Lépere.
It is a two-parter show composed of Dancing Fire (2014) and Approach (2012).

Some of our fears are dancing inside… Burning everything around…
This is about a journey; trying to find a way to calm down this fire, live with it, dance with it… Without any fear.
Travelling through religions, meeting people, can feed and appease the inside,
But this will be vain effort if devoided of reappropriation.
Expurgating, singing, dithering… Repossess the actions.
An appropriation of the outside to feed the inside.
To face the fears and

be there…

Special thanks from Anne Lépere go to Carine Demange, Amélie Marneffe and Gota Slick for their support and advices.
Dancing Fire is also connected to this painting by Twiggy Alexis for the project Diptik, with this shift from dark to light by this little blank square as the door of this sound creation: Dancing Fire.

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