Radia Show 462 | 130 in 1


This week Radia Show comes directly from the folks at ResonanceFM and it was produced by Mark Vernon.

This edition allows us to eavesdrop as a father and his ten-year-old son bond over a succession of increasingly fiddly electronic experiments - at the behest of the manual they connect wires, transistors, capacitors and diodes to create an array of weird and wonderful crackles, beeps, buzzes and other electronic noises. Harking back to the bygone days of the BBCs Radiophonic Workshop in feel variations on these sounds form the basis of the musical score that underpins the piece, playfully oscillating between real and imaginary spaces. As improbable as it seems, the outwardly dull schematics and diagrams open the doorway to a world of fun, exploration and the joy of discovery.


Father and Son: Andrew and William Deakin

Voice of the manual: Anne Marie Copestake


All sounds (except the bubbles) were generated from the Maxitronix 130 in 1 Electronic Lab Kit.

A Sound Bank commission for In The Dark.


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