Radia Show 454 | Wind Park Drone


This week Radia Show has been produced by Karl Heinz Jeron for reboot.fm, Berlin.


Field recordings of wind turbines at Schöppinger Berg (Münsterland, Germany), Nauner Platte (Nauen near Berlin, Germany) and Veju Park (Grobina, Latvia). 2011 - 2013


The sounds of spinning rotors, the crackling noise of gondolas when moving towards the wind, the humming of generators, the whoosh of blades in the wind, various hissing and splutter of the gears at different speeds and some high pitched sounds created by transformers.


I give guided tours through wind parks to discover the versatile and interesting sounds. Some residents living near wind parks complain regularly about the noise. The philosopher Kant let a raucous cock end as a soup ingredient. John Cage suggested an alternative: "If noise is bothering you, listen to it".

This project is taking John Cage literally.

In a wind park the first acoustic impression is only a buzz or a hum tone. Listening closer one can identify a surprising array of sounds and acoustic colours. [Karl Heinz Jeron]


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