Radia Show 432 | La troisième heure


This week Radia Show is brought to us by Radio Grenouille and it is produced by Clara de Asís.


La troisième heure is an introspective space, in equilibrium between the subjectivity of the memory and the experience of reality. By means of the construction of imaginary soundscapes composed of sonic fragments of her own life, Clara de Asís explores the ambiguity of the remembrance and its artificiality.

Synthetic sounds and anecdotal audio recordings, often faced to their own nature, converge in the same space and cohabit the same temporality; a non-linear temporality, a temporality of the memory and of the imagination.

Like two parallel lines, pushed to join, the artificious and the real converge in the same point. From this convergence, an inedit dimension is born, only present in the silence of speculation, but as real as what we have in front of our eyes.


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