The Alpi occidentali I-IV series was born from the idea of merging sonorities derived from drone and techno music in order to describe four alpine climbings; four different episodes in which a hypothetical climber has to face an ascent filled with moments of insecurity, impulse, tension and fear. A mountain experience in which the man's emotional states respond to impalpable vibrations of nature. The four episodes of this series take their name from four alpin peaks: Monte Thabor, Monte Malamot, Monte Tibert and Monte Clapier.

The last ascent of Alpi Occidentali, brings us towards the rarefied heights of Mount Tibert, 3.045 mt a.s.l. 44°06′58″N 7°25′09″E.

Francisco López, untitled #228, ini.itu, 2009
_ Ateq, 6.9, dall'album "RES", Giegling, 2011
_ Margaret Dygas, 41, da Margaret Dygas, Perlon, 2011
_ Morphosis, Dirty Matter, da What Have We Learned, MOS Recordings/Delsin Records/Morphine, 2011
_ Tommy Four Seven, Track 5, da Track 5 / CH 4, CLR Records, 2011
_ Rrose x Bob Ostertag, Shadow Pocket (variation one), da Motormouth Variations, Sandwell District, 2011
_ Keith Fullerton Whitman, Disingenuousness, da Disingenuity B/w Disingenuousness, Pan, 2010
_ Rrose x Bob Ostertag, Pointilism (variation two), da Motormouth Variations, Sandwell District, 2011
_ Fennesz, The Colour of Three, da Black Sea, Touch, 2008
_ Morphosis, Androids Among Us, da What Have We Learned, MOS Recordings/Delsin Records/Morphine, 2011
_ Mapstation, One and Three Chairs, da Sleep, Engine Sleep, Staubgold, 2000
_ Tommy Four Seven, CH 4, da Track 5 / CH 4, CLR Records, 2011
_ Charlemagne Palestine, Sound I (1968), da Sound I, Alga Marghen, 2008
_ Fessenden, Pt. III/II, da V/A, Getting Rid of the Glue, Pendu Sound Recordings, 2006
_ Pietro Riparbelli, Third day, da Three days of silence - The mountain of stigmata, 2012, Gruenrekorde
_ Antoine Chessex, Power, Stupidity & Ignorance, Le Petit Mignon, 2009
_ Eliane Radigue, Elemental I (1968), da Jouet Electronique / Elemental I, Alga Marghen, 2010
_ Black to Comm, Void, da Alphabet 1968, Type, 2009
_ Eleh, The Beauty of the Steel Skeleton, da Eleh/Pauline Oliveros, Important Records, 2008
_ Richard Strauss, Eine Alpensinfonie op. 64 (1911), EMI Records, 1973


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