An underground stop, a crossroad for the commuters of the northern suburbs, a new 'door to the city'.
The Guidoni stop is alive with unique resonances, almost as if some otherwordly presences were guiding the commuters towards lands far away...
The soundworks selected for this stop are:


Borgarfiord in Spring
Charo Calvo
Length: 70 secondi


Borgarfiord in East Iceland, may 2019. Birds come to mate in a small cliff near the village. They take every little space in the vertical wall to set a nest and to mate. Hundreds of birds in very small space. And old Icelandic folk song is heard floating among the birds.
Charo Calvo is a Spanish electroacoustic composer, sound designer and professor living in Brussels.



Ghost Chant
Chelidon Frame
Length: 60 seconds
Ghost Chant was selected among the sound pieces submitted to the 60 rec Radio 2019 Concours de Création Radio.


As Mark Fisher states “in a postmodern society there is no innovation. Just rehashing nostalgic, vintage trends”, everything seems to flow fluidly from a conformation to another, as soon as the right dose of oblivion let us believe we are facing something new. Our frontier thus become the ability to force us to remember and - as artists - the struggle to watch our work from the outside and understand if it’s capable of facing our time and narrating it. An isolated guitar loops a cracked riff surrounded by field recordings, a dense cloud of radio noises and panning found objects, like the soundscape of a decaying automated musician.
Chelidon Frame is an electroacoustic project from Milano and works with noises, found-objects, radio signals and guitars. Some of his pieces in the field of radio art has been broadcasted by Radiophrenia Glasgow, XX Files Radio Framework Radio and Radio Arte.



Jeanne Debarsy
Lenght: 119 seconds

Jeanne Debarsy graduated in sound engineering at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion in 2007. She collaborates with numerous artists both for cinema, radio and music productions. In 2011 she directed her first radio documentary, Ino Vaovao Mada to continue with Los Santos and Terre Noire. In 2017 she produced her first radio drama La première fois que je suis devenu foule, a binaural work which was selected for the Prix Europa, the Prix Phonurgia Nova and La semaine du son in Brussels. In 2018 she was awarded the SCAM-SACD Award for the BELGIAN RADIO. Fountain is a soundscape.



Tziscao Lagoon, Chiapas, Mexico
Balam Ronan
Length: 106 seconds

Balam Ronan is a sound artist and composer base in Geneva, Switzerland. His practice is currently focused listening and soundscaping; he works between field recordings, sound art, action art, participatory & relational art in public spaces. His soundscapes have been released by Green Field Recordings, Echomusic, Sonic Terrain, La Escucha Atenta, Auriculab and Suplex. Tziscao Lagoon, Chiapas, Mexico is a soundscape part of Ronan's Sound Menu project, which is a compilation of recordings that he have made over the past 7 years in Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Switzerland, the United States and Uruguay.



Jérémie Faivre
Length: 70 seconds

French architect living in Grenoble, with his work Faivre is looking for a way to establish a dialogue between architectural landscape and sound environement. Each piece is composed as if it was drawing micro-architectures. 



Di passaggio 
Luana Lunetta
Length: 110 seconds

Di passaggio (Passing by) it is an imaginary journey. The sounds of the leaves under the feet, the water and the steps on the gravel mark both the physical journey and the metaphor of an inner journey. The wind, the rain, the undertow of the waves, the cicadas are clearly perceptible and overtake the vehicle noise in the distance, a kind of resonant song. Di passaggio features recent field recordings and some extracts from previous works, such as Rapsodie di passaggio and Azimuth. Luana Lunetta is a sound designer and sound artist. He works as a sound engineer and music consultant for music, theater, cinema and TV.



The Stream
Toni Dimitrov
Length: 108 seconds

Toni Dimitrov is a cultural producer and explorer, radio host and activist, philosopher and communicologist, poet and mountain climber but he is also a sound artist-dj-designer and label owner. He is based in Skopje, Macedonia. He is a radio host at Kanal 103. The Stream is a soundscape. 



Paesaggio Toscano Immaginario
Valerio Orlandini
Length: 115 seconds

Paesaggio Toscano Immaginario is an imaginary soundscape: it is made of recordings made in different places and at different times. All of them are from sited in Tuscany. The field recordings are interwined with melodies and rhytmical parts. The result is a fleeting 115 second piece. Valerio Orlandini is a sound designer and field recordist. He studies Music and New Technologies at the Cherubini Conservatory in Florence. 



Echoes on Air 2
Zahra Mani
Length: 60 seconds


Echoes on Air  was a live-streamed radio art composition that Mani composed; it was broadcast simultaneously on ORF OE1 Kunstradio Austria, Radio Pula Croatia, Radio ARS Slovenia and Radio Belgrade 3 in Serbia on the 23rd September 2018. Participants involved in the live network piece included Zahra Mani, Mia Zabelka, Thomas Köner, Svetlana Maras, Andrea Sodomka, Tibor Szemzö, Jure Tori and Samo Kutin. This is a one-minute excerpt of the piece. 
Connecting in the ether across Europe, the musicians created a quartet-at-a-distance in four radio studios in realtime. Sonically abstracted texts by Danilo Kis, Pasolini, Rilke and Ingeborg Bachmann create vocal resonances about exile and boundaries. A metaphorical and physical expression of crossing frontiers in acoustic dialogue.



Durata: 95 secondi

Frameless time like it's bending

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