Aeroporto is a terminus of T2, the tramline that connects the city of Florence with the Amerigo Vespucci Airport which is located only 4 km four kilometers from the center. The T2 is always very busy: tourists, travellers, commuters use it and the Aeroporto stop is a kind of door for those who arrive and those who leave. These are people who come and will go to elsewhere, to the other... Here is a selection of sounds you'll be able to listen to at the airport teminus from October 3rd to 6th, 2019. 

Taxi take me home
Radio Continental Drift 
Feat. Thandanani Women’s Ensemble
Recorded in Bulawayo, October 2013

Take me home is an excerpt of the song with which the Thandanani Women’s Ensemble closed a long day spent in the company of Claudia Wegener (a.k.a Radio Continental Drift). It is the farewell song that sent all of them on the road back home. It has been recorded in the Matshobana township, in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe in 2013.

La vie en bleu. Trasmette Napoli
Anna Raimondo
Length: 102 seconds

An excerpt out of La vie en bleu, a production by Anna Raimondo for Kunst Radio.
The unknown voice of a woman in the streets of Naples...she sings the famous song Trasmette Napoli. A bunch of people gather randomly around her... here it is a king of sound-polaroid, an impromptu and meta-Neapolitan recording. 

Casablanca tells
Anna Raimondo
Length: 92 seconds

A production made on the occasion of Loading...Casa, curated by Salma Lahlou for the Dubai Design Week.
Interviews, texts, editing and post-production: Anna Raimondo
Mixing and co-production: Jeanne Debarsy

Casablanca tells is a choral piece that brings together layers and contradictions of the city. In the first excerpt, the sound piece mirrors the coexistence of noise environments with very spiritual and peaceful acoustic spaces. In the second, you'll hear the sounds and voices of the street vendors, a real sound mark of the daily Casablanca's soundscape. This sound piece is an extract from a larger project.

Anna Raimondo is an artist living and working in Bruxelles and around the Mediterranean region. She's from Naples and she often works with sound. 


Affrico. La morte della stagione di mezzo
Maria Pecchioli 
Length: 120 seconds

Affrico is a subterranean sounding river, outlining the sonorous portrait of a distorted cycle of time, the end of the middle season. Affrico is a real river that runs through the urbanized territory of Florence. Affrico is a counterpoint to the acceleration of the contemporary daily life, detecting the death of the middle season and determining it.

Watch the Me(r)d
Gary Salin
Length: 60 seconds

On the shores of the Mediterranean, tourists have fun, but every year, the European Union's border policies kill thousands of people attempting the crossing. The victims are monitored by Watch the Med, an online platform that investigates cases of violation of migrant rights at sea. Meanwhile, the news of this disaster are lost in the flow of information. Watch the Me(r)d is a radio collage that explores the boundary between reality and fiction, between the southern shore and the northern shore, horror and fascination.

Roberto Paci Dalò
Length: 76 seconds

Notturno is a fragment of a longer pieces composed by Roberto Paci Dalò and Francesca Mizzoni during their residency at Western Front (Vancouver). It is a mix of Nocturnal sounds, the animal world and electronics. 
Roberto Paci Dalò is a composed and radio maker. He is member of  the Internationale Heiner Müller Gesellschaft and he teaches Interaction Design at the University of San Marino where he founded Usmaradio.

Paesaggio Toscano Immaginario
Valerio Orlandini
Length: 115 seconds

Paesaggio Toscano Immaginario is an imaginary soundscape: it is made of recordings made in different places and at different times. All of them are from sited in Tuscany. The field recordings are interwined with melodies and rhytmical parts. The result is a fleeting 115 second piece. Valerio Orlandini is a sound designer and field recordist. He studies Music and New Technologies at the Cherubini Conservatory in Florence. 

Collage music 1 & Collage music 3
Marie Rose Sarri
Length: 21 seconds / 38 seconds

Collage music is a sound mosaic where Creshevski, Boulanger, Berio, live loops and extraordinary Cathy Berberian's voice are mixed together. Marie Rose Sarri è a musician, composer, sound producer and music-therapist.






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