Villa Costanza, one of the two terminus of the T1 line of the Florentine and metropolitan tramway. Who starts the journey to Florence here, is likely to be a tourist, a visitor, a commuter because of the adjoining big park and ride.
The tracks selected for this stop are:

Taxi take me home
Radio Continental Drift
Feat. Thandanani Women’s Ensemble
Recorded in Bulawayo, October 2013

Take me home is an excerpt of the song with which the Thandanani Women’s Ensemble closed a long day spent in the company of Claudia Wegener (a.k.a Radio Continental Drift). It is the farewell song that sent all of them on the road back home. It has been recorded in the Matshobana township, in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe in 2013.


Affrico. La morte della stagione di mezzo
Maria Pecchioli 
Length: 120 seconds

Affrico is a subterranean sounding river, outlining the sonorous portrait of a distorted cycle of time, the end of the middle season. Affrico is a real river that runs through the urbanized territory of Florence. Affrico is a counterpoint to the acceleration of the contemporary daily life, detecting the death of the middle season and determining it.


Giovanni Corona
Length: 120 seconds

π  is an imperfect and irrational number that tends to infinity, embodying expectation as a moment of tension and 'not yet'.
π is also the mathematical constant for identifying the circle and in plane geometry it indicates a relationship between elements.

A group of people gathers in circle at the Centro Sereno Regis in Turin. Individuals stand in circle, they mutually hear eachother, hum and improvise together. The spontaneous deal that arises between the collective sounds creates a cathartic melody, capable of transporting unknown people into a spatial and temporal elsewhere which is also a here and now: a temporary community capable of embodying the tension of waiting. 


Katie McMurran 
Length: 60 seconds

This piece examines the idea of frontiers from the vantage point of time - night/day, as well as philosophically - what boundaries will be faced/crossed throughout the day? Through the use of field recordings it explores different sonic landscapes and imagines one that is free of boundaries, where a listener can access what is happening at dawn in a variety of different physical locations.


Borgo Filaga, Campanacci
Length: 120 seconds

Vacuamœnia is a sound investigation of marginal Sicilian rural areas. The aesthetic revolution of Vacuamœnia starts from the places abandoned by man and the way they sound: a study of existing sounds and of those ones you can organize on the spot by hiking militancy, field-recording and the contact with the territory. Vacuamœnia starts its action in the Sicilian hinterland, going to play the abandoned villages built to populate rural areas in Sicily during the Fascist period. Pushed by urbanism or nature disasters to forget the countryside, man leaves behind the walls that welcomed him, leaving them empty of meaning. Places lose their definitions and become atmospheresBorgo Filaga is one of the villages they've visited. 


Di passaggio 
Luana Lunetta
Length: 110 seconds

Di passaggio (Passing by) it is an imaginary journey. The sounds of the leaves under the feet, the water and the steps on the gravel mark both the physical journey and the metaphor of an inner journey. The wind, the rain, the undertow of the waves, the cicadas are clearly perceptible and overtake the vehicle noise in the distance, a kind of resonant song. Di passaggio features recent field recordings and some extracts from previous works, such as Rapsodie di passaggio and Azimuth. Luana Lunetta is a sound designer and sound artist. He works as a sound engineer and music consultant for music, theater, cinema and TV.

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