Strozzi Fallaci is a stop on the Florentine T1 tram line. It's close to the city center and to Santa Maria Novella Train Station; it is located in between the Fortezza da Basso Garden and the busy Viale Strozzi. A few meters away is the Student Hotel, once Palazzo del Sonno, a building that, with its cultural and entertainment initiatives, attracts tourists and locals. 

Bus Imaginario
Felix Blume & Chloé Despax
Lenght: 73 seconds

Maykon and Josue are driving their bus on a vacant land in the small village of La Concepcion (Ecuador). They take us on an imaginary journey. Chloé Despax is a sound artist and radio producer, animator, and programmer since 2004 for public and associatives radios, internationally. She is part of active collectives in the fiels of performance, sonic experimentation, audio fiction, and radio cabaret: Radio Moniek, Saout Radio, Fractales Frangynes Radio. She lives and works between Belgium and France.
 Félix Blume is a sound artist and sound engineer. His work is focused on listening. His process is often collaborative, working with communities, using public space as the context within which he explores and presents his works.

Birds in Mexico
Portuguese Old Fashion Show

Jeanne Debarsy
Lenght: 120 secondi
Lenght: 119 secondi

Jeanne Debarsy graduated in sound engineering at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion in 2007. She collaborates with numerous artists both for cinema, radio and music productions. In 2011 she directed her first radio documentary, Ino Vaovao Mada to continue with Los Santos and Terre Noire. In 2017 she produced her first radio drama La première fois que je suis devenu foule, a binaural work which was selected for the Prix Europa, the Prix Phonurgia Nova and La semaine du son in Brussels. In 2018 she was awarded the SCAM-SACD Award for the BELGIAN RADIO. Birds in Mexico and Portuguese old fashion show are two soundscape.

Herrmann Mitchell
Lenght: 60 seconds
Selected among the sound pieces submitted to the 60 rec Radio 2019 Concours de Création Radio

Bells is a sound-essay about globalization, technology, and spatial experience. The radically interconnected, digital spaces of the present day are explored through the sound of bells. This work was loosely inspired by philosopher Peter Sloterdijk’s writing on spherology.

River on the Way
Aurore Balsa
Lenght:  119 seconds

"In september 2018, I put my body in action for five consecutive weeks, throught a 860 km walk on the Camino del Norte in Spain. River on the way originates from a river encountered during my walk between the régions of Asturias and Galacia, close to Del Silencio beach...This meditative listening confronts us with our body space". Aurore Balsa

I've never heard a theremin before
Giulio Aldinucci
Durata: 89 secondi

I've never heard a theremin before is a single field recording taken by Giulio Aldinucci during his SPRING:2017 (RE)Awakening residency at Villa Tereze, in Pergola, Marche. The recording is documenting the after Dorit Chrysler's performance, when the audience could interact and play the 10 theremin used during the concert. 

Hagai Izenberg
Lenght: 90 seconds

Meteor #3 is an experimental soundpiece by Hagai Izenberg, sound artist, composer and founder member of the electronic band Rendezvous. Born in 1978, he lives and works in Israel. His works make use of sounds which people are exposed to on a daily basis in a spontaneous and unplanned manner. The result is a multi-layered restless composition created in real-time, a compressed sonic experience of our daily lives.

Andrea Piccinni 
Length: 120 seconds

Viridiano features real and imaginary soundscapes, it is a journey from Tuscany to Poland, an imaginary one that takes place in reality, in the mind of those who know how to listen, and without haste, knows how to wait.

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