In the heart of the Cascine Park, Benjamin's sounds take us towards unexpected places: in a cemetery in the Andes, in the French countryside, in the basement of a theatre or on some rocky Mediterranean shores...


Musica para el viaje
Alejando Cornejo Montibeller
Length: 60 seconds
Selected among the pieces of the 60 sec radio international competition, 2019. 


This piece is a recording captured on the Day of the Dead in the Virgen de Lourdes cemetery, one of the largest in Latin America, a place where all the cultures present in Peru can be found. Families and friends bring their favorite music to please the dead and each region of Peru is represented by its own musical style.  The saxophne is typical form the Sierra de Junín region and its emotional charge is the perfect companion for the travel towards one’s final destination, the last frontier and - according to the Andean cosmogonie - towards the place we come from.


Musica para el viaje stood out in our ears. In few seconds Alejando Cornejo Montibellier tackles the idea of frontiers in a delightful way, pointing out, through the overlapping of different songs, the porous no-border dimension of sound. It is in sound that diverse geo-cultural backgrounds come together and coexist. 
It is a piece that does not ask the listener to understand the language to be drown into a sonic voyage towards "the place we come form" - according to the Andean tradition.



Wind band in a church, Day of the Dead, Tzintzuntzan, Michoacán, Mexico
Balam Ronan
Length: 75 seconds


Balam Ronan is a sound artist and composer base in Geneva, Switzerland. His practice is currently focused listening and soundscaping; he works between field recordings, sound art, action art, participatory & relational art in public spaces. His soundscapes have been released by Green Field Recordings, Echomusic, Sonic Terrain, La Escucha Atenta, Auriculab and Suplex. Wind band in a church, Day of the Dead, Tzintzuntzan, Michoacán, Mexico is a soundscape. It is part of Ronan's Sound Menu project, which is a compilation of recordings that he have made over the past 7 years in Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Switzerland, the United States and Uruguay.



Waiting in the wings (Dietro le quinte)
Dinah Bird
Length: 120 seconds


"Some time ago I found myself wandering, a little lost in the basement of the Maison de la Radio in Paris. I remember hearing piercing voices, opera singers warming up, waiting in the wings, presumably for an audition. This is a extract of my binaural walk amongst them."

DinahBird is a sound and radio artist living based in Paris. Her practice includes broadcasts, soundworks, installations and audio publications that are often inspired by early transmission technologies and archives. Her current interests include old weather, dead media, aeronautics, and high frequency trading. 



Hagai Izenberg
Lenght: 90 seconds

Meteor #3 is an experimental soundpiece by Hagai Izenberg, sound artist, composer and founder member of the electronic band Rendezvous. Born in 1978, he lives and works in Israel. His works make use of sounds which people are exposed to on a daily basis in a spontaneous and unplanned manner. The result is a multi-layered restless composition created in real-time, a compressed sonic experience of our daily lives.



The Piqué Sisters
Valeria Muledda
Length: 83 seconds


Artist, author and performer, Valeria Muledda trained in the international scene of the research theater and in the artistic practice of different languages and instruments. She has focused on the exploration of the body-space relationship as an aesthetic and political experience. Attentive to individual and collective, urban and eco-social transformation processes, her research aims to nourish a renewed relationship with the everyday life and a continually developing awareness. The Piqué Sisters brings Valeria's recordings in between the city and teh countryside.



Perforated rock
Jeanne Debarsy
Length: 119 seconds


Jeanne Debarsy graduated in sound engineering at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion in 2007. She collaborates with numerous artists both for cinema, radio and music productions. In 2011 she directed her first radio documentary, Ino Vaovao Mada to continue with Los Santos and Terre Noire. In 2017 she produced her first radio drama La première fois que je suis devenu foule, a binaural work which was selected for the Prix Europa, the Prix Phonurgia Nova and La semaine du son in Brussels. In 2018 she was awarded the SCAM-SACD Award for the BELGIAN RADIO. Perforated rock is a soundscape.



Abo Carcassi
Durata: 103 secondi


Daniele Carcassi, a.k.a Abo Carcassi is a composer, improviser and dj based in Florence and Bologna. His work is influenced by the electroacoustic approach and is mainly based on the dialogue and contrast between electronic textures, sound landscapes and music. SM and AN are part of a three-part composition where both the sound landscapes and the electronic sections slowly disappear, leaving the perception, time to expand.



Andrea Piccinni 
Length: 120 seconds


Viridiano features real and imaginary soundscapes, it is a journey from Tuscany to Poland, an imaginary one that takes place in reality, in the mind of those who know how to listen, and without haste, knows how to wait.



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