Careggi is the last stop on the T2 tram line in Florence, in the northern suburb of the city. It is named after the homonym university hospital that is visited by thousands of people a day. At the Careggi tram stop, you'll find shooting sounds, field recordings and soundscape composition, meant to wellcome those who are going or just left the hospital. 

Giovanni Corona
Length: 120 seconds

π  is an imperfect and irrational number that tends to infinity, embodying expectation as a moment of tension and 'not yet'.
π is also the mathematical constant for identifying the circle and in plane geometry it indicates a relationship between elements.

A group of people gathers in circle at the Centro Sereno Regis in Turin. Individuals stand in circle, they mutually hear eachother, hum and improvise together. The spontaneous deal that arises between the collective sounds creates a cathartic melody, capable of transporting unknown people into a spatial and temporal elsewhere which is also a here and now: a temporary community capable of embodying the tension of waiting. 

Attese // Attesi
Chelidon Frame
Length: 120 seconds

Attese // Attesi is a short soundscape composition in which Chelidon Frame mixes rain and thunder field recordings with different instruments - guitar, soprano sax, synthesizer, kalimba - and radio interferences. Chelidon Frame is Chelidon Frame is an electroacoustic project from Milano and works with noises, found-objects, radio signals and guitars. Some of his pieces in the field
of radio art has been broadcasted by Radiophrenia Glasgow, XX Files Radio Framework Radio and Radio Arte.

Hagai Izenberg
Length: 90 seconds

Meteor #3 is an experimental soundpiece by Hagai Izenberg, sound artist, composer and founder member of the electronic band Rendezvous. Born in 1978, he lives and works in Israel. His works make use of sounds which people are exposed to on a daily basis in a spontaneous and unplanned manner. The result is a multi-layered restless composition created in real-time, a compressed sonic experience of our daily lives.


Quasi Casa
La Cosa Preziosa
Length: 87 seconds

La Cosa Preziosa (Susanna Caprara) is a sound artist originally from Italy and based in Ireland. Her soundscapes, based on her original field recordings, take real-life events and places as departure points for sonic journeys that unfold to reveal the hidden layers within, in a sensitive process guided by deep listening.


Mount Vodno
Toni Dimitrov
Lenght: 108 seconds

Toni Dimitrov is a cultural producer and explorer, radio host and activist, philosopher and communicologist, poet and mountain climber but he is also a sound artist-dj-designer and label owner. He is based in Skopje, Macedonia. He is a radio host at Kanal 103. Mount Vodno is a soundscape. 


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