“These films are produced not to understand the Other’s culture but to understand the difference between Us and the others, these films are about the construction of the Other... [Ricardo Valentim & Bosko Blagojevic] 

New York-based Portuguese artist Ricardo Valentim is best known for his film screenings and lecture pieces. We met him in Bolzano at Manifesta7 wherein he curated, together with Bosko Blagojevic, Film Festival, a daily screenings program of ethnographical movies and documentaries. A former student of anthropology, Valentim is interested in the standardised forms of representations of the other in educational films, those commissioned, from the Fifties and the Eighties, by the United Nations and the US Department of Education, for presentation in public schools.

We talked about Film Festival, its premises and about education, in the face of the effort to reinforce one’s national and cultural identity by enphasizing the differences of the others.

The interview is in English and it is accompanied by Apes on Tapes’ and Esther’s music, HomeWorks Records.

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