Ralf Homann is interested in gates (and doormen), in spaces which seem open like commuters' trains or ferries, but are restricted to migrants, in public sites which divide into rich and poor areas. Invisibility of boundaries or their visibility respectively depends on having know-how or not.

Nowadays marriage is (back) in a strong political fight: European Union migration and border policies restrict marriages between European and non European citizens declaring new laws on so called unconsummated marriage and marriages are part of internal national disputes over homosexuals' equal rights.

Invited to contribute to the CPS radio program of Manifesta 8, Ralf Homann has produced a five-episode radio series - Pink'n'Yellow - the wedding piece - in which he investigates the issue of mobility and citizenship. We had the chance to talk with him about the project and the scope of a radio program within a contemporary art biennale.  

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