Multinatural Blackout

Andrea Lissoni & Carlos Casas in conversation


Multinatural Blackout is a parade produced by Arto Lindsay for Fare Mondi, the international exhibition curated by Daniel Birnbaum at the 53rd Venice Biennale.  Multinatural Blackout is a performance, a concert, a ritual, a feast that have rounded up Richard Siegal – coreographer – Peter Zuspan – architect and musician – Carlos Casas – artist – Melvin Gibs, Kassin, Marivaldo Pain – musicians – Sébastien Mari – dancer – and many performers.

Arto Lindsay, Multinatural Blackout, the parade in Via Garibaldi, LIII Biennale di Venezia, 2009

We talked about the beginnings of Multinatural Blackout – since the first encounter between Arto Lindsay and curator Claire Tancons in Sanvador de Bahia – and the political and social implications of the parade.

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