Margaret Leng Tan

In dialogue with Marina Andrade Camara



Time = Space

Art = Life = Theater

[John Cage]

Margaret Leng Tang with toys, ph. Michael-Dames

Margaret Leng Tan is an established toy pianist and classical music artist. The first woman to earn a doctorate from Julliard. In 1981 she met John Cage and they continued working together for the last eleven years of Cage's life. Nowaday she is considered to be his most virtuoso performer. She also plays unconventional instruments, fearless of any limits between disciplines and music traditions.

Marina Andrade Camara met her in Venice where she was invited to perform within the Festival Internazionale di Musica Contemporanea. They talk about John Cage, his prepared piano and toy piano, that she describes quoting Marcel Duchamp: poor tools require better skills.

The interview is in English and it is accompanied by Cantaloup’s release Tonite It Shows.

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