Judith Russi Kirshner - Gordon Matta Clark in Chicago


In 1978, a few months before his early death, Gordon Matta Clark was invited in Chicago by the Museum of Contemporary Art to work on a narrow four floors building, a neighboring townhouse that was about to be demolished and renovated into the new museum's galleries.

Gordon Matta Clark, Caribbean Orange or Circus, New York, 1978.

Caribbean Orange or Circus is a complex and massive cut - Gordon carved large circular holes in the floors, in the ceilings, in the walls creating a spherical void within the building space - and his last project as well.
In this interview, art historian Judith Russi Kirshner, who at that time was a curator and a member of the board of trustees of the museum, highlights Gordon's brightness and his critical power; she remembers how their collaboration was born, how Gordon did work in Chicago and finally she explains what kind of difficulties they had to face during the set up as well as during the opening days of the project.

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