This interview is in italian. It was recorded in Cartagena where italian artist Danilo Correale takes part into Manifesta8. His three-channel video installation We are making history is presented at the Prison de San Antón. By featuring a Chroma Key-equipped film studio - where the backstage and the standard of digital cinema is revealed – Correale delves into the contemporary mediascape and he questions the transmission of history and memory in relation to our fiction-driven mainstream kind of popular imagination and image production and consumption.

Where's the political responsability of the artist in this mediascape? What kind of images and history do artists transmit?

Danilo Correale, We are making history, installation view, Manifesta8, Cartagena, 2010.

Enjoy the listening! The interview is accompanied by Who be kind toGhost Sonata e Half [Late Night Broadcast] available for the download at



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