Angela Vettese in conversation with Daniel Birnbaum

Faenza Contemporary Art Festival 2009


Making worlds means re-making and using things that are already there; the ambition is not to look for endings but for beginnings. [Daniel Birnbaum]

The Contemporary Art Festival in Faenza opened its 2009 edition with a conversation between Angela Vettese and Daniel Birnbaum.
They talked about the forthcoming 53rd Venice Biennial - curated by Daniel Birnbaum - they have been discussing about curating, about the meaning itself of biennials and how they do define the 'art of today'. What does fare mondi- making worlds mean? What's an author? How can you define obsoloscence in art?

The music that comes with this conversation are Big Gig by Metùo, You're right, it's ballin' by Meanest Man Contest and Spanny by Mihi Lavish.

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