Neuromelanin Ring Shout - Live Performance

Justin Randolph Thompson + Dre Love


Sunday, February 28th Radio Papesse at 2PM will be syncing with the AudioBlast Festival #4 in Nantes for the performance Neuromelanin Ring Shout by Justin Randolph Thompson and Dre Love in collaboration with percussionist Tiziano Carfora.

From Florence we will be streaming LIVE and recording the performance on and at the same time its sounds will be travelling up north towards Nantes, in Bretagne, where they will be transmitted as part of the transmission arts festival Audio Blast.

Just tune in! or, if you happen to be in Florence, come and see the performance at San Jacopo Show in Borgo San Jacopo 66r.

What's going to happen?
A live experimental sound art performance with hybrid electronic instruments that addresses the neuroprotective associations in melanin in dialogue with the tradition of the ring shout as an African tradition preserved by African Americans as a form of spiritual protection and expression.
The performance employs a drum machine, a lap steel guitar, hybrid percussive instruments, two turntables and two microphones for a sound work that engages a mix of folk traditional ring shouts mixed with abrasive textures drawn from the realm of hip hop and heavy metal.
Sunday, February 28th @ 2pm
on site: Florence, San Jacopo Show
on line: Radio Papesse & AudioBlast Festival #4


Justin Randolph Thompson is a sculptor and new media artist born in Peekskill, NY in 1979. Living between Italy and the US since 2001, he has exhibited internationally and participated in numerous residencies in the US and in Europe. His work explores the historic implications of triumph, victory and ascension by re-contextualizing references from Roman antiquity and mending these with aspects of African-American culture both past and present. Exploring cultural displacement or imposed hierarchies and adorning status symbols with hybrid connotations through a talismanic application of culturally specific materials his work encompasses sculptural installation, performance, video and sound. Reflecting upon the socially constructed communal legacy, he examines expectations and shortcomings through the absence of a concrete linear foundation.

Andre Halyard (aka Dre Love) is a Dj, singer and performer from Queens, NY based in Florence for the past 20 years. Halyard was a key figure in the emergence of Italian hip hop and his significant collaborations and performances are broad and significant. For the past two years Halyard has engaged in experimental sound collaborations with Thompson including performances at Centrale Fies (Dro, Italy), at Villa La Magia (Quarrata, Italy), at Biagiotti Arte Contemporanea and Santa Reparata Contemporary art gallery (Florence, Italy).

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