Galleria AUDIO: Josef Albers is a production commissioned by Galleria Civica in Modena, on the occasion of the comprehensive retrospective dedicated to the German artist. The exhibition is curated by Marco Pierini and it will run till January the 8th, 2012. It provides listeners with different audio chapters to 'meet' and get to know Josef Albers and study in-depth his artistic and pedagogical practice. This stories are meant to be listened both at home and at the museum, whenever and however listeners would love to.

Galleria AUDIO: Josef Albers is available for the download at the entrance of the exhibition for those who will come with their own mp3 player. A number of Ipods are on loan at the box office and a seires of QR codes are printed at the bottom of the captions throughout the exhibition so that people can access the tracks on-site from their own smartphone (if internet connected). It is just needed to download a free software (Bee Tagg and I-nigma among the others), film the code, take a picture and it easier than it seems.

Original Score by Francesco Oliveto.
Music and sounds from Open Music Archive; excerpts out of songs by Zoe Keating, Dylan Tinlun Chan, Ehma, The James Quintet, Nobara Hayakawa, Kevin MacLeod, Fatima Miranda, The Black Atlantic, Dandelion, The Insider.
The music is licensed under Creative Commons licence.

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