Süden Radio 2013

Radio Papesse goes South


On the occasion of Süden [South in German] - an exhibition curated by Villa Romana that will be held at the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle in Berlin from August 26th to September 8th 2013 - Radio Papesse invites you to Süden Radio, 15 days of special broadcasting in which we will try to delve into many possible different sonic dimensions of the South.

Süden Radio is a project curated by Radio Papesse. In collaboration with reboot.fm and Saout Radio





What is the South?


Is it just a matter of latitude?


Is it a phenomenon, is it a method, is it a cliché? Is it possible to define the geographical scale of the South? How can we approach it, without reducing the discourse on mere geographical terms? without reducing its complexity into a monolithic phenomenological entity through which and unlike to we define ourselves?

The artistic debate around these themes is very fragmented but what we would like to do in the context of Süden, is to further articulate the discourse and widen it up to a differ layer: the sonic dimension of South. Is there a southern sonic cliché?

On the occasion of Süden (South in german), an exhibition curated by Angelika Stepken and dedicated to Villa Romana, throughout a 15-days special broadcast, Radio Papesse’s Süden Radio will try to dwelve into the many different sonic dimensions of the South; shifting from our usual freeform format we will structure our broadcast into a dedicated schedule, running from 12.30 pm to 4.00 pm.



Call for Sounds

What is it? Is it just a matter of latitude?
Is it a phenomenon, is it a method, a cliché? 
Is it possible to define or to open up the geographical scale of the South? 
How do we look at it? 
In the face of the multiplicity of borders, how can we approach it, without reducing the discourse to mere geographical terms? without reducing its complexity into a monolithic phenomenological entity through which and unlike to we define ourselves?


We look for you, musicians, activists, composers and artists, to share your inspiring contribution on this arduous and slippery field of investigation. We need to test our medium and our means.
Be it acoustic experiments, songs, field recordings, philosophy, poetry, travel or geographical advice, South-notion related classical or electronic compositions, documentaries, interviews and chats ‘going south‘. 
Be it music, playlists, a radio show or features, we are looking forward to listen to how the notion of South may be reflected in your own work and research.


We don’t ask for original soundworks, but recent and less recent works are all welcome.


What we have to offer is:
_the broadcast of a selection of contributions locally and streaming (radiopapesse.org, reboot.fm and Saout Radio); 
_an opportunity for publication (including short bio and links) on website: the selected productions will enter the Radio Papesse’s archive; selected Süden Radio broadcasts will be transmitted on the Radia Network;
_one selected soundwork will be awarded € 200,00 
The selected work will be announced Sunday, September 1st during Süden Radio LIVE, a live show from Berlin, on Reboot.fm.


The selection will be up to a jury composed by Radio Papesse, Saout Radio and Villa Romana. 
All decisions are final.


All the soundworks should be sumbitted via WeTransfer to suden@radiopapesse.org
Deadline: July 25th 2013.
There are NO submission fees.


Please include: 
_your audio file (wav, 44.1 Khz, mp3 >256 kbps),
_production sheet including title, length, author and genre,
_short CV (max. 500 spaces),
_the authorization to publish it on Radio Papesse archive (yes/no),
_a photo relating either to you or your work (max. 200 kb).


Radio Papesse is a non-commercial production platform. The copyright for submitted files remains with the artists. 
A selected number of your submissions may be presented on the website as a public archive. For this, we would then need your consent in writing. The licensing format we ususally adopt is the Creative Commons License.




Listen to Süden Radio on radiopapesse.org
Sept. 1st and 8th @ 8pm Süden Radio LIVE on Reboot.fm.



South to whom? South to what? south…what?


Be the South associated with the idea of Home, with an atmosphere one had to leave, to renounce to, a place some others want to go back to; be the South the Nostos itself.


Be the South a place where ancestral and religious superstions and rituals perpetuate, be defined by the sound of a marching band, be the South mirrored in the lives of those who had to escape, be the imaginary of the South one re-discovers with new eyes and ears after years of separation.


Be the South an attitude, be it the magnificent nature or the caothic townscape, be it your feet, be the South the wait for something to happen, be it sensed through time or the plants’ cycle.

Sud, Sur, Süden, Sul, South, Jуr, Etelä, Νότια, janúb: in their diversity of sounds we found a few common traces; they are not a monolith, they go hand by hand with ideas of movement and transition. The notion of South is still young and fragmented, it has not found a definitive definition yet and it changes together with the socio-economical-geographical reorganisation, together with our own physical and emotional readjustments.


Here it is the shortlist of artists, musicians and radio producers whose works have been shortlisted:

Absolute Value of Noise | Angelo Airò Farulla | Giulio Aldinucci | James Andean | Henry Andersen | Marine Angé | Meira Asher | Alessio Ballerini | Pia Bolognesi | Sarah Boothroyd | D.Burke Mahoney | Steven Chodoriwsky | Osvaldo Cibils | Simon Coates & Zarah Jewanjee | Joaquin Cofreces | Diana Combo | José Bernard Corteggiani | Federico Dal Pozzo | Carine Demange | Toni Dimitrov | Julia Drouhin | Alan Dunn | Moritz Fingerhut | Francesco Giannico | Rodrigo Gobbet | Rohan Graeffly | Eric Guerrino Nardin | Magz Hall & Jim Backhouse | Pierre Jolivet | Andrés Jurado | Panayiotis Kokoras | La Cosa Preziosa | Anne Lepére | Aurelie Lierman | Viola Mondello | Luca Nasciuti | Carlo Patrão | Derek Piotr | Salvatore Piras | Léa Promaja | Renata Roman | Balam Ronan | SEC_ | Berit Schuck & Julia Tieke.


To find more and to listen to all the soundworks, go to sudenradio.org


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